- Membership Opportunities

Membership Opportunities

Ethical certification lets people know that you are dedicated to practicing law honestly and competently. 

Show that you care about your practice and your profession by becoming a Certified Ethical™ attorney today.  Once you receive your certification you will be included by in our searchable by name database of Certified Ethical™ attorneys.

The process that is required to obtain your Certified Ethical™ rating is simple because we do all of the research required.  Please verify that you meet these specific criteria to avoid any delay or confusion regarding your listing:

  • Active Nevada State Bar member
  • Paid and current on all State Bar association dues
  • Have never been found to violate the ethical rules of any bar association
  • Licensed to practice law at least one (1) year
  • Strict compliance with Nevada State Bar Rule RPC 7 governing truthful advertising

There are two separate ways of being included on our website. 

Full Member Listing:

You can select a full profile listing with different tiers and pricing levels available.  A full profile provides the public access to a detailed listing with a comprehensive overview of your practice.  (see example here)  Choosing a full profile connects you with valuable clients through our website and telephone referrals.  With a full listing you will also be included in our database of Certified Ethical™ attorneys.  Click below for more information on pricing and to start building your custom website listing today so you can start connecting with new clients tomorrow!

Basic Member Listing:

Alternatively, you can choose a basic listing in our database of Certified Ethical™ attorneys. (see example here)  This basic listing provides your name and address, but no additional contact information and is not eligible for telephone referrals. 

Pricing Information and Sign Up

Membership with AttorneyGuide is an affordable and effective way to connect with new potential clients.  For more information on the benefits of becoming a member please visit our webpage: "Why Choose"

"I did not know where to begin when my situation changed and I needed to hire a lawyer. Thank you AttorneyGuide for finding a qualified and ethical attorney for me. I will recommend your services to my friends and family without hesitation." Chris Willett, Las Vegas, NV